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Kinare Kinare (1963)

  • LanguageHindi

Life is light - Death is the shadow caused by this light.

Death might be the penultimate of life?........But, act we must each tomorrow ! And, when life shines at its zenith, the innocent emotions sprout; ambitions make a missionary service; blossoming buds of yearning scent the atmosphere and the shimmering crown of LOVE illuminates the marble-shine of life.

Thus, LOVE outlives life - outwits death.

Kanwal, a fiery portrait of life and uprightness, had graduated and was trying to take a short-cut his beloved mother, staying in a village. He observed a vagabond chasing a young girl to find a short-cut to meet his lust. Kanwal played the saviour. Lust struggled with devilish might but sought its own death by the weapon brandished for cementing the life of saviour, Kanwal had fought for the right and had an eye-witness for his just act. But, life ebbed away from him the moment he found the witness sped away by the terror of the ghastly murder. The only witness evaporated, which Kanwal had never had one good look at.

Murder-Police-Law-Justice-Prison-Hangman crowded Kanwal's mind. He wanted to escape all these. Hiding from these phantoms. Kanwal reached a village embracing a river bank.

The village was a poet's imagination. The imagination had run riot in the form of a fair. A traditional fair for promoting only the fair feeling in townlet. The end of the fair became the beginning of a great love which destiny had preordained in fair Neeloo and Kanwal. There he was found lying burning in high fever in an unconscious state of mind.

Neeloo's father, after retirement from service, had settled down in the village and was running a small farm and a rice-mill looked after by Pooran - an orphan granted the privileges of a family member by Neeloo's father.

May be, truth exists because of the lie?.....In this beautiful village there lived an ugly character - Thakur Manohar Singh, another landlord - infatuated by the enticing charm of Neeloo.

Two village-idlers - Khabardar and Bekhabar - found life interesting only if there was some gossip. The fire of untamed passion consuming Manohar Singh was set ablaze by their gossip. He wanted to end what he thought was an affair between Kanwal and Neeloo.

A hunting expedition ended in a misfired bullet, skillfully averted by Kanwal. The watch-post occupied by the Kanwal in the farm was set on fire by Manohar Singh's hunchmen. But, flames could not entrap fiery Kanwal.

The snares of Manohar Singh scared away the patience of Neeloo's father. He wanted to report the matter to the police, in spite of Kanwal's dissuasion.  POLICE ! ..... Kanwal had to run away once again. He left a confessional letter for Neeloo. And, he disappeared. He thought it best to get lost in  crowd. Away came he to Bombay and earned a friend - Mithu.

Pooran had kept the letter from Neeloo. See was bewildered. He wanted to save her from a shock. She was shedding bitter tears. These tears were also glistering in the eyes of Kanwal.

In this dejected moment, Kanwal had to repeat the performance of the saviour in him. A millionaire with his concubine - Usha - were saved from a robbery at the Juhu Beach.

Kanwal was rewarded by an appointment as the secretary to the millionaire. Unwittingly, Kanwal had robbed Usha of her heart.

Heart-trouble afflicted Neeloo, being troubled unceasingly by a lost heart. Her father was advised to take her to Bombay for treatment.

Usha was trying to flirt with love - she took Kanwal to the sport where she had discovered him. Kanwal was running away from her when he ran into Pooran. He returned his trust - the confession. Kanwal was returned the cherished moments of his life with Neeloo and forgot his hoary past.

They were lost for others since they had found each other. The confessional letter reached embittered Usha who had found Kanwal's centre of affection. She delivered it to the law. Passion dragged Manohar Singh to Bombay when he learnt of Neeloo's going away to Switzerland for her heart treatment and her impending marriage with Kanwal.

A climax was sought by the contending forces. A solution was to conclude: Whether Neeloo regained her heart? Whether Kanwal's hands were washed off an unintended murder? Devilish passions of Manohar Singh and Usha found way to appeasement? What fate exonerated Pooran, the mute and silent lover?

By going Kinare Kinare could one satisfy the burning queries?

(From the official press booklets)