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Kirayadar (1986)

  • LanguageHindi

Jaya, a young girl, works in an office and lives with her mother Laxmi, in a rented house in Bombay. The owner of the flat, Kundanlal, lives in Lucknow.

Kundanlal's son Anil has passed Engineering and gets a call of interview for a job in Bombay. Anil is the only son of Kundanlal and the late is reluctant to send Anil to far off Bombay for a job. He however agrees to send Anil to Bombay for interview provided the later stays in their flat...

Anil arrives in Bombay and stays with Laxmi and her daughter Jaya. Anil and Jaya fall in love. Anil gets the job in Bombay. Kundanlal feels lonely in Lucknow. His lawyer advises him to go to Bombay and live there with his son. Accordingly the lawyer sends a notice to Laxmi to vacate the flat in six months. Laxmi and Jaya get stunned ! Where will they live in Bombay? Jaya consults her office lawyer who advises that if someone related to the landlord already stays in the flat, their rights over the place gets weakened. Jay finds it as a clever poly of Anil to stay in the flat to enable them to have it vacated.

Anil is thrown out of the flat. Anil doesn't know anything of his father's notice and he has no option but to go and stay in a hostel. When Kundanlal learns that his son has been thrown out of his own flat, he gets furious. He comes down to Bombay determined to throw Laxmi and Jaya out of his own flat and occupy it for himself and Anil. What happens thereafter is the interesting story of KIRAYADAAR.

(From the official press booklets)