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Lambu Dada (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Lambu Dada is a story of a professional killer and stone hearted man but a major change in his life by an innocent child.

Kunver Pratap Singh who is the Ex-owner of Raj Garh state is an honest man, who become millionaire with his hard labour and honesty. But his younger brother Vikram Singh is a corrupted and characterless man. He lost his property and share in wine and women. Now he kept his eyes on his brother's property. He murdered his elder brother and his wife with the help of Daku Bhairav Singh but Lavina the daughter of Kunver Pratap Singh alias Gudia is saved by her Governor's Anita. Both are safely escaped from Haveli. Now there is only aim Vikram Singh's life to kill Gudia who is the only owner of the whole property. The other side of the destiny Gudia and Anita both are captured by a City Goonda Bhushan. But at the point of neck both are saved by Lambu Dada. Anita saw the Shadow of God in Lambu Dada and trust in him.

When Anita comes to know the reality of Lambu Dada a story turns into sharp edge.

Now the war begins for Gudia in which one side Lambu Dada, Bushan, Cabaret dancer Bijlee, Vikram Singh. And the honest side of Gudia where Anita stands like a mountain to save innocent child. Can the love bare the hatred? Can crime stands in front of justice? Lambu - Dada is totally reformed in child's love.

The answer of the whole questions is Balaji Films and Producer Amar Lal P. Chhabrias' "LAMBU DADA".

(From the official press booklet)


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