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Lav Kush (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

Lav Kush is an interesting part of Ramayan, commonly known as Uttar Ramayan. The story of the film Lav Kush starts from "Bharat Milap" that is when Lord Rama comes back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, is crowned as King Rama and Rama takes a vow to uphold the scared dignity of his subjects. Even at the cost of his personal misfortune.

Misfortune falls, and in such a devastating manner that he is forced to send his beloved pregnant Queen Sita to exile in the deep dese forest, inside the sage Valmiki's hermitage, Sita gives birth to twin sons Lav & Kush, noble brave warriors who alongwith usage of art of weaponry learn the great poem Ramayan  from sage Valmiki. Lav Kush with the permission of sage Valmikia and mother Sita go from villages to villages singing Ramayan and finally land up at Ayodhya and thereafter at the court of Rama where they sing Ramayan. Lord Rama himself after the departure of Sita was engrossed in a state of melancholy revives himself after hearing the melodious Ramayan from the enchanting melodious voices of Lav Kush. King Rama does not know Lav Kush are his sons and even Lav Kush do not know that Rama is their father. They request to give them a darshan of Sita but alas Sita is no more staying with Rama. Listening to this they get angry at the peculiar behaviour of Rama and leave Ayodhya instantly. Sita on the other hand, receives her warrior sons but they show displeasure in Rama's giving exile to Sita that to when she was pregnant not knowing that their mother is Sita. Sita tries to console the children but of no avail.

Meanwhile for the better prosperity of his subjects performs a Ashwamedh Yagna with the help of golden statue of Sita, a white horse is left and two boys Lav Kush conquer it and a big battle ensures between Lav Kush first with Shatrughan then with Lakshman and finally between Hanuman and Lord Rama himself when Sita comes to know of the battle she stops and unites father Rama with his sons Lav Kush and she herself takes in arms of Goddess Mother Earth.

(From the official press booklet)