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Devi (1970)

  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4335.43 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number65080
  • Certificate Date02/02/1970

Devi, a kind hearted and innocent village girl comes in contact with Shekhar, a young buoyant doctor, whose ideals are to do social services in villages and help the masses. Their first meeting blossoms into romance and leads to their marriage. But this irks Pooranchand, the elder brother of Shekhar, who believes in nobility.
Shekhar who is committed to Devi, remains true to his promise and gets married at his own accord. After marriage the newly wedded couple come to Pooranchand for his blessings. Pooranchand blesses them with a heavy heart.
Rampyari, the mother-in-law of Pooranchand is staying in the house of Pooranchand with her young daughter, Shobha to get her married with Shekhar, as her elder daughter married to Pooranchand is no more. Shekhar and Devi's marriage is pricking her heart, as she wants Shobha to be the sole her-highness of the house.
Rampyari, starts playing tactics to uproot Devi from the house. Her efforts crown with success, when Shekhar goes abroad as a member of the Medical delegation and a notorious blackmailer Joginder comes to this house.
Rampyari and Jogindar join hands and both are successful in making Pooranchand's mind prejudiced and getting Devi thrown out of the house.
Shekhar comes back after completing his mission abroad. He rushes to his sweet home to meet his dearest Devi, but to his surprise Devi has been thrown out of the house. Shekhar has a heated discussion with his elder brother and ultimately moves out to bring Devi back, but the net work of conspiracy woven by the anti-Devi group is so master-minded, that even Shekhar starts doubting Devi.
Devi with great hopes comes to see Shekhar but the latter charges her and throws her out of his house.
Devi meets misfortunes one after another, but amidst these misfortunes, a ray of hope appears, as she gives birth to a son named Deepak. Deepak is now a rich treasure of Devi's mental consolation and future happiness, but again fate plays hide-and-seek with her.
What has fate in store for Devi?
What is the future of Devi and her son Deepak?
How Shekar's mind becomes prejudiced?
Does Pooranchand realised his mistake?..........



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