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Laxmi (1940)

  • Release Date1940
  • Genresocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

The woman of India has no other glory than that of her husband. He is her happiness, her wealth, her ideal. She lives for him - to comfort, to guide, to protect him. Truly, the wife in an Indian Home has earned for herself almost a divine name - Laxmi. 

Maya comes as a young bride to her new home, whence the husband has gone away long ago. There is no news from him except his letters demanding money and more money urgently. She does not know about him, he does not remember her. And so, the cobwebs of rumours and scandals are spun around her to oust the image of her husband from her heart, to mislead her into seduction and shame. 

The parents denounce her, the neighbours blame her, for the alleged conduct of her husband in a far away place, where is he? what is he doing?

Ramesh, after his marriage in young days, has come to Bombay in search of big enterprize. Young, romantic, resourceful as he is, he easily establishes a Dancing Opera Company, where Kishori, a glamorous and gifted Dancer leads his whole troupe of talented Artistes. He desires to forget all about his home, parents, marriage or wife, and acts Romeo to this woman of rare charm and accomplishments. 

Kishori has nursed a grievance against man as a class. She ensnared them, intoxicated them with her beauty and songs, and atlast left them heart broken. That was the way of her revenge on man for a wrong done to her in her young days. Was Ramesh to be lost in her game? Should he also fall an innocent victim at her feet? Was there none to cavtion and save him?

Rajni like an angel comes on the scene. She is none other than Maya, the runaway wife of Ramesh, seeking desparately to save her husband from infamy and doom. She humbles herself to remain near her husband. She plots to tear the other woman from him. She braves up to stand by him, in the crisis. But she fulfils the mission of her life. She emerges out triumphantly from the struggle and secures her husband as also his love. 

She suffered, she fought, she won. She was hailed as "Lakshmi" by all who knew her, as if she changed the very course of Destiny, as if she brought back hapiness in her home, as if she gave new vision to all - men and women alike. 

How did she achieve her object? How a meek, helpless woman suddenly put up a brave fight to serve her ideal of life? How could she work out a modern miracle? Let the silver screen enfold before us the mystery of the sacred sentiments of every true woman of India. 

[from the official press booklet]



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