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Maashuka (1987)

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Indrajit (Kunaal) was only son of the Zamindar (Pradeep Kumar) of State Raigarh. There was a pretty girl named Sumita (Moon Moonsen) who was niece of Munim of Indrajit's father. Both Sumita and Indra were born and brought up together. One day Indra had to go abroad for his higher education and Sumita went to Calcutta hostel for her studies. But when they met again they fell in love with each other and Indra decided to marry Sumita but Zamindar did not agree with Indra and he forced Munim to get Sumita married to Mr. Dutta (Amjad Khan). When Indrajit came to know that his father got married to someone else just, because she was poor. He left his house and went to stay in a cottage so that he could spend rest of his life in her sweet memories. Now this cottage was near the forest Kumali where Mr. Dutta was the D.F.O. and Mr. Aroon (Aroon Govil) was the Ranger. Here Indrajit started his fight for worker's right and soon became the god of the workers and terror for Jaspal.

Hence again in this forest, Indra met his beloved Sumita. One day Aroon was stunt to see Indrajeet and Sumita in close and overheard their sentimental talk. He was so moved by this incidence that he was surprised and could not resist himself to ask Sumita regarding her past life. Sumita unfolded everything which was overheard by Mr. Dutta.  Mr. Dutta becme very angry and went to Jaspal and asked nothing but Indra's dead body. Jaspal was also very keen to Indra's death. Now both join hands to kill the god of workers, but what they did. Did Indra and Sumita met again? 

For this see "Maashuka".

(From the official press booklets)


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