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Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hain (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

Vijay was an orphan, Rajni was the girl next door. They had grown up together and then separated.

When they met again after a passage of some years, Rajni had grown into a beautiful girl and Vijay into a fine young man. They fell in love.

During these years Vijay had become a reckless, unconventional truck driver while Rajni was more earthbound. Vijay didn't mind telling a few harmless lies if he could get out of a tight corner by telling them. This was played up by Kundan who had an eye on Rajni's small property.

Misunderstandings cropped up between the lovers and finally a time came when some friends of Vijay plotted and abducted Rajni to bring her to Vijay.

Vijay had no knowledge of his friends' plot but he could not explain away this situation.

Rajni broke away from him and married Shankar, a man of her relatives' choice.

Fate brought Vijay and Rajni together again and Rajni came to know of Vijay's innocence in all matters. But Shankar started suspecting Rajni's faithfulness to him.

Vijay and Shankar were trapped inside a coal mine, which was caving-in. Shankar wanted to kill Vijay while Vijay had promised Rajni to save her husband.

A "great lie" saved the honour of the girl Vijay loved and wrote the last chapter of this drama.

(From the official press booklet)