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Mohabbat Ki Jeet (1960)

  • LanguageHindi

STRANGE is this world, strange are its ways and stranger are the people living in it! One such person was Pulikeshi, the Commander-in-Chief of a tiny state. he virtually ruled the state-not because he was the bravest but because he was cunning! His lust to keep up his position and resulted in the death of all those who dared to oppose him. The latest victim was Raja's father. Raja's mother, however, managed to keep it a secret even from Raja, who, she was sure, would take vengeance from Pulikeshi even at the cost of his own life.

As circumstances would have it, Pulikeshi, on meeting Raja's young sister, Malathi got attracted towards her. His attempts to molest her were ailed by the timely arrival and intervention of her brother, Raja.

The next target of his lust was the young princess of Malaya who visited the state as a Royal Guest. Being over confident of his might and with a view to impress her, Pulikeshi arranged a competition of horse riding etc. in honour of the Royal Guest. To his utter disappointment, Raja appeared on the scene and by defeating Pulikeshi did not only win the competition but also the Princess's heart.

Infuriated by all these incidents, Pulikeshi hatched a plot against Raja and succeeded in imprisoning him. When Raja's mother failed to get Raja released, Malathi and her lover, Madho, tried to free Raja in their own way. This resulted in arrest of Malathi and escape of Raja and Madho to Malaya-in the princess' ship but without her knowledge!

Hearing the news of Raja's escape to Malaya, Pulikeshi wrote to Vijaya, the Malayan Commander-in-Chief who had his own design on the Princess.

Shocked by the news about Raja's presence in the Prisoners' Camp, the Princess made all efforts to get Raja released but in vain. Vijaya kidnapped the Princess and hid her in an isolated cave.

Raja sent Madho back to India to find out the welfare of his mother and Malathy and decided to stay in Malaya till he could find and save the Princess.

In India, Madho managed to get an entry into the palace as a Chinese magician and having bluffed Pulikeshi to win her (Malathi) for him with the help of his magic, he succeeded to remain near Malathy.

In Malaya, Raja killed Vijaya and released the Princess. The Malaya king, pleased with the bravery of Raja, agreed to send Raja and the Princess to India along with a large army skillfully hidden in the body of a sculptored lion.

On arrival in India, the Princess invited Pulikeshi to see the Royal presents. The army hidden in the body of the sculptored lion appeared as a Circus Party and gave a good shoe of acrobatics till Raja, in the disguise of an acrobat, pounced upon Pulikeshi and killed him.

How did Madho marry Malati?

What happened to Raja and the Princess?

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(From the official press booklet)