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Mr. X (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

The peaceful atmosphere of a town is suddenly disturbed by a very strange and incredible happening. The money safes of people who have acquired wealth by fleecing the poor, open by themselves, bundles of currency notes disappear in the thin air long with valuable.

On the other side, people who are stricken by poverty and have gone to sleep on hungry stomachs in shuddering darkness, suddenly wake up to find oil-lamps burning in their humble homes and the walls line with money.

The police begin their investigations as complaints of missing money and open safes pour in. But they too are flabbergasted, for as the police inspector parks his motor-cycle at the kerb and commences his enquiries, he is startled to see the motor-cycle ride away WITHOUT ANYONE AT IT ! A riderless police jeep is seen dashing across the streets, filling everyone with wonder and awe. The police put their heads together and come to the conclusion that the person concerned is one who is invisible to the human eye - they name him Mr. X.

But who is this Mr. X? Only four people know his identity. One is Professor Dinanath, a scientist who has invented the drug that makes a person invisible. The next is his daughter Chhaya who loves the invisible man; third is Krishna, a laundry-owner and friend of Mr. X; the last is one Jeevan, a deadly enemy of the man of mystery.

Chhaya urges her father to invent another drug that will make her lover regain his former self and become visible, and at her goading, the professor sets out working day and night and ultimately discovers the remedy. But before he can help the invisible man, both the Professor and his new drug disappear, creating mystery upon mystery and baffling everyone connected with its solution, and it is only in the ultimate ending of the story that the strange mystery of the invisible man is solved, and to know this, come and see our "Mr. X."

(From the official press booklets)