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Naajayaz (1995)

  • Release Date3/3/1995
  • GenreThriller
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time157 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Shooting LocationPoonawala, Sun Villa, Kamalistan, Convent Villa

During the difficult days of a drastic famine in Rajasthan, Jodhraj Solanki (Naseeruddin Shah) misrated to the prosperous city of Bombay with his wife Radha (Abha Ranjan) and the servant friend Ratan (Ashish Vidyarthi) driven by the circumstances Jodharaj Solanki killed a murderer giant and became a murderer don himself. Twenty five years later, when he was already leading a life of happiness and prosperity with his wife and son Deepak (Deepak Tijori) he was told by Nayana (Reema Lagoo) that he had an illegitimate son Jay Bakshi (Ajay Devgan) by her. The most shocking as react of this situation was that Raj Solanki's own son Jay was a celebrated police officer involved in a determined campaign for eradicating crime from the city. The situation was alarming became this illegitimate son Jay was involved into an act of eliminatory Ray and his legitimate son Deepak himself.

The situation algravated when Jay with his colleague Inspector Sandhya (Juhi Chawla) succeeded in arresting Abhimanyu Thedani (Abhimanyu) a cohart and an accomplice of Deepak Solanki and his notorious friend Cheeku (Gulshan Grover). As a result of this confrontation, Deepak sent a killer to kill Jay Bakshi, Raj had already dreaded this day. Its prompt and timely physical intervention saved Inspector Jay Bakshi's life, but raised an important question everywhere. Why did a murdered don save the life of a police officer?

The secret was revealed to Jay Bakshi by Sandhya Mukerji was an immerse shock for Jay he was born out of the same ward of crime which he vowed to do away with him. Jay in turn into a deep pit of depression, but Sandhya helps him to stand on his own. He resolved to continue his trade against the crimes when if it meant wiping out his father Raj Solanki and brother Deepak Solanki

Raj Solanki agrees to surrender only if no harm was done to Deepak who was already involved in his frantic plots to kill Jay Bakshi ... promised Raj to Deepak would be treated safely. This costs Jay his for thim time being. In trying to save Deepak, Jay had on ... officers seriously wounded and consequently was suspended from his post.

The drama takes a drastic turn when Jay's mother was kidnapped by Deepak and Dheeku gang. Everything was going against Jay Bakshi. Yet his firm determination finally resulted in a hair rising climax which turned this tables on his enemies. How did Jay Bakshi, with his extraordinary galantry and farsists, succeeded in wiping out the entries murdered is an experienced to have lay secing Director Mahesh Bhatt's and Producer Mukesh Bhatt's memorable movie "Najayaz" music by Anu Malik on his silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)