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Prateeksha (1993)

  • GenreAction, Crime
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Vijay Kumar was king among singers and Laxmi his wife -  a son like Raja and a friend like Tom. Vijay's world was not less than heaven. But Vijay did not know that on the pretext of going to London for a show, D.K. will ruin his life.  D.K. was a successful businessman and he had his eyes on Vijay's wife Laxmi. D.K. tries to rape Laxmi in Vijay's absence.

Vijay returns and in an attempt to save Laxmi, is hilled by D.K., law is taken care of by D.K.'s wealth and Laxmi is charged with adultery and to kill her own husband. The sentence of fourteen years imprisonment for Laxmi leaves D.K. a very satisfied man.

An artiste's blood in his veins and circumstances turn Raja into a famous dancer. He brings back his mother Laxmi and promises to give all happiness to her and vows to take revenge for his father's death.

Renu comes in Raja's life, he falls in love with her not knowing that she is D.K.'s daughter whom Laxmi recognises but Raja does not.

Laxmi thinks if Raja comes to know the truth he will kill D.K. and will be hanged.

Laxmi has lost her husband; she does not want to lose her son and his happiness. She plans to murder D.K. so that she can give life and happiness to her son.

Was Laxmi successful in her attempt?

Did Raja get his love?

Do know the answers of these question, see Raam Raj Kalamandir's 'PRATEEKSHA'.

(From the official press booklets)