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Pyaasa Sawan (1981)

  • Release Date28/08/1981
  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time161 mins
  • Length4910.48 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-98223-MUM
  • Certificate Date20/08/1981
  • Shooting LocationAnnapurna Studio (Hyd)

It is most essential in life to have money. Nothing can be done without it in the world. But sometimes the greed and lust for more and more money, at the cost of other essential duties, makes man's life most miserable.

Chandrakant is one of the wealthiest persons in the city. He is rolling in crores. But there is no solace and happiness in his life inspite of enormous wealth. He feels hollowness and loneliness in his life. His only and beloved son Ravikant falls in love with most beautiful girl Manorama and he wants to marry her. Chandrakant is not at all in favour of this alliance. But the circumstances made him to yield and surrender. Ultimately, Ravikant marries Manorama.

Ravikant, too, becomes over crazy to earn more and more money like his father. In this madness, he neglects his wife completely. Rupture occurs between husband and wife and their relation becomes very strained. This ensues a big quarrel and not arguments between the both and enraged Manorama leaves for her parent's house for good. Father advises his son that the same blunder, which I have committed, you are repeating. You are proceeding towards the same fire; in which I have been burning so far. I am feeling that I am penniless, even though I am a millionaire. The people think that I am the most successful person and have gained a lot in life. But only I know that what I have gained and what I have lost. My unforgettable loss is far far more than my perishable gain. The son understands the advice of his father and acts upon it. Again his married life becomes exemplary and colourful.

What blunder....... The millionaire Chandrakant committed in his life; which no intelligent person should commit...... If you want to know about it and learn a lesson from it; then you will have to see the colourful and exemplary picture "PYAASA SAWAN"..... So that you must now repeat the same blunder and repent throughout your life.

(From the official press booklet)