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Raj Sinhasan (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

The King and the Queen of Kishan Garh State were killed in the Mutiny in the State. The palace was badly disturbed. A maid servant of the palace had succeeded in taking away and saving the lives of two princes namely Chander Singh and Suraj Singh. The Prime Minister of the State handled the situation very wisely and overcame the mutiny and peace and calm was prevailed in the State. Then a thorough search for the princes was started. 

The maid servant had handed over the young princes to Gypsys and they were brought up by them. In one quiet night the younger prince Suraj Singh ran away from the care of Gypsys and was lost. The Head of the Gypsys ordered his men to search the prince, every inch of the Jungle was searched but in vain. 

Several years passed many things were changed but the Prime Minister was still carrying out the search for the lost princes with the hope to find them out one day. He was looking after the Throne and the affairs of the State very faithfully. 

Rashid Khan the son of Prime Minister was cunningly trying to take the possession of the Throne. He failed in every attempt and after all invited the Bandit RAHU to join him in the plot. Rahu was mad after the Princess of Chandni Nagar but the princess was in love with Chander who once saved her life. The love between the princess and Chander reached its climax and they realised their inability to live separate.

But suddenly the marriage of the princess was arranged somewhere else and poor Chander Singh was badly disappointed, Bandit Rahu was enraged and became dreadful. 

When the marriage of the princess was being celebrated Rahu came enraged and crazy to kidnap the princess. Chander Singh also reached and a thrilling fight took place. 

What happened next? Please come and see on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)