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Rootha Na Karo (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

"Rootha Na Karo" he said... "Rootha Na Karo" said she... and the beautious vallies all around were resounding with this most lovable whisper of romance.

He is Sudhir - a dashing debonair ambitious and honest man, not so rich, poor neither! He is a freelance photographer of international repute ! 

She is Neeta - a beautiful aristocratic young girl, very mischievous, innocent, but very sensitive at heart. She owns a huge property in millions of her father who is no more.

Sudhir and Neeta liked each other immensely right from the college days, which later developed into fondness and then into that finest feeling known as 'Love'... Yes they loved each other very sincerely, very seriously and of course very deeply! Neeta's mother also used to feel happy seeing them together, as she was sure that there cannot be a better match for Neeta as her life-partner than Sudhir.

Neeta's only brother Anil was happy-go-lucky type, non-serious and funny about everything, except for Sudhir, for whom he too had a great respect and considered him as a real greatman !

There was only one character in whole of this world, who had absolutely different opinion about Sudhir... She is Naina, Neeta's cousin who lives with her. She always warned Neeta about Sudhir. "He is not in love with you, but in fact, with your fabulous property of millions, which he wants to swallow by getting married to you." Neeta never gave any ear to this stupid thinking of Naina and continued to lover Sudhir with her fullest confidence and respect for him.

'Coming events cast their shadows before' they say; The shadows Neeta saw around her life were full of eternal happiness and lifelong contention, but just after a few days she was engaged to Sudhir, what Naina showed her was a shock of life! Neeta saw and heard Sudhir asking the solicitor to prepare the documents of the transfer of Neeta's whole property, which he would get signed from Neeta, even before their marriage... was this a shadow of disaster, disbelieve or dismay, or there was something shadowy behind the whole thing ? What it could be, is for you to guess, what it was, is with us on celluloid...!!

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