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Samunder (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

Bela a village belle while returning from a fair along with her uncle is attacked by bandits and during the fight her uncle is killed, and she is rescued by the timely help of Baghi, who is an idol of the village, but is disliked by Chowdary Bahadur Singh, the father of Bela, due to old family feuds. Baghi accompanies Bela to her house where her father and brother Bhola are anxiously awaiting them. Chowdary is infuriated at the sight of Baghi, who is carrying the body of his brother and suspects Baghi for the death. Bela tries to clear the misunderstanding and fails to convince. Before the men of Chowdary attack Baghi, he escapes. On reaching home he discovers that his younger brother Bhagwan is on one of his drunken sprees at the house of Bindya, the village siren. Bhagwan returns in the morning, dead drunk and is rebuked by Baghi. Bhagwan swears not to touch liquor again, but his mischief making mind is always at work and he picks up a quarrel with Bhola at Bindya's house where she is entertaining the pirates and their chief Badshah. Bhola dies at the hands of Bhagwan who runs to his brother for help, and convinces him that he murdered Bhola for the family's prestige. Since Bindya knew about this murder, Baghi bribes Badshah to kidnap her, and he saves his brother. Meantime Bhagwan comes to know of the intimacy between Baghi and Bela and his roving eye falls on her and he in turn arranges to get Baghi kidnapped by Badshah. 

Time passes, and on the ship Baghi is tortured. Bindya who has by now developed a soft corner for Baghi manages the release of Baghi by pleasing Badshah. Baghi frees the prisoners and with their help conquers the ship. Baghi returns on the shore to meet his beloved, but unfortunately they are captured by Badshah and conducted back to the ship. Bhagwan comes and releases Bela, taking advantage of the fact that he is the image of his brother and by slight modification in his get-up, he poses himself as Baghi and takes Bela to her house. Chowdary on this gesture of Baghi (Bhagwan in disguise) agrees to give his daughters hand in marriage. Meantime there is mutiny on the ship in which the Badshah is killed by Baghi in a straight duel. Before dying Badshah reveals the true facts about Bhagwan's evil designs against him and he urges him to return to the shore to safeguard Bela's honour, who had already been deceptedly manoeuvred into marriage entanglement. Baghi reaches in time and Bhagwan confesses of his evil designs and apologises. Baghi forgives him and unites him into wedlock with Bindya, and he marries Bela and they all lived happily.

(From the official press booklet)