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Sati Savitri (1964)

  • LanguageHindi

There will be none in India who might not have heard the holi name of "Sati Savitri" who had forced Yamraj - the God of death to give the life of her husband Satyavan by her strong will-power and purity of her character. Since then, Savitri has become the idol and subject of morning prayer for every Hindu woman. 

Savitri was born in the palace of Aswapati. Days passed. She became young which gave reason for her parents to worry about her marriage. Naradji came and solved the problem by advising Savitri to go for Thirthyatra. On the way she was found in the clutches of Chandsen who had a desire to marry her. He took her forcibly in his chariot. Savitri shouted for help and she was saved by a young handsome man, that was Satyavan. Both were attracted by each other. Savitri's aim was fulfilled. She returned home happily. 

But her happiness was turned into sorrow when her selection was dismissed by her father saying that he will not allow her to marry with poor Satyavan. At the same time Narad came there and warned to Savitri that Satyavan had a very short life that is one more year only and requested her to change her decision. But Savitri was firm as she had the full confidence in her will power. Naradji with a surety that Savitri will surpass the forthcoming difficulty persuaded her parents to get Savitri married to Satyavan.

The marriage took place and both came to Ashram happily. Savitri turned herself to simple living. She passed her married life in serving Satyavan and his parents but the words of Naradji that Satyavan had short life were pinching her heart. 

Four days remained for the test of will power of Sati. She was worried about the coming trouble. Naradji came to her help and advised her to keep Vat Vrata which would help her to save her husband from the clutches of God of Death Yamraj. Savitri started Vrata, but her vrata was broken by Yamraj by the help of mal practices. 

The last day came. Satyaavan went to jungle as usual to cut the wood without taking care of the request of parents not to go. Savitri went with him. Satyavan was cutting the wood. Death came in the form of "serpant" Alas, Satyavan died, then. Then what happened? How Savitri got life of Satyavan from Yamraj? What happened to Chandsen?

Challenge of Naradji got success or not? 

For that you must see SATI SAVITRI which is full of tricks, thunders, and melodious music.

(From the official press booklet)