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Sher E Watan (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

Sher-e-watan is a page torn form the history of ancient Greece. Alatis, the great general of Greece had been vanquishing country after country like a raging tornado. Carthage collapsed under his attack and was vanquished. It’s powerful king Hannibal was no match for alatis. The princess of carthage sofonisba, fell in love with alatis, his bravery and noble behavior was more than enough to attract any lady of high rank.
    But alatis couldn’t accept her love since he was already in love with asbela the princess of Greece. Every man woman and child greeted him. Asbela’s happiness knew no bounds the Gods were kind to alatis he became the most honoured man in the state the title ‘Sher-e-watan’ was conferred on him.
    Man proposes, god disposes, alatis could not enjoy the fruit of this honour. The queen mother, who was known as paragon of paiety also fell in love with alatis. How could alatis accept this lowly invitation of lust. The queen mother coul’dn’t take his refusal lying down. She took a vow of revenge and turned into a great hurdle in the path of love of alatis and asbela.
    Alatis was charged with the murder of phillip. He was tried at the royal court and was sentenced for banishment from Greece. When he was being driven away from the boundry of the country, the citizens, who once loved him, pelted stones on him. Asbela revolted but she was kept in house arrest and she too remained helpless.
    On hearing alatis’s banishment Hannibal, declared himself a sovereign ruler and offered alatis the post of the general of the army of carthage. The princess sofonisba of carthage was deeply in love with him. Princess asbela of Greece had managed to leave the palace and was searching him like a commoner.
    Did Hannibal conquer Greece ? did alatis accept the love of sofonisba ? whether re-union of alatis and asbela took place ? could the queen mother of Greece succeed in bringing alatis to his knees ? could alatis save the kingdom of Greece from ruin ? the answer to all these questions could be had only after you see ‘Sher-e-watan from beginin to end.