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Shyam Tere Kitne Naam (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Lord Krishna has many names-Girdhar, Madhava, Shyam. But the name Shyam has a story behind it. In the desert of Rajasthan there is a temple in the village of Khatoo, near Jaipur. The huge temple is dedicated to Lord Shyam. Every day numerous devotees come to pay their homage and have Darshan. They sing praises of the Lord Shyam and get their wishes fulfilled.

Damyanti heard miraculous stories from a sanyasi and decided to pay a visit herself with her husband as she had no child and was longing for one. At proper time Damyanti gave birth to a boy and he was named Shyam after the Lord Krishna.

The boy, while growing learnt painting under the guidance of his father. At one time he was invited by the Jagirdar of Rampur-Tej Singh to paint the different scenes from the life of Lord Krishna.

Shyam started his work. When it came to paint Radha, he could not do it. He could not transform his vision in colours. But this difficulty was soon overcome. He came across Radha who was the beauty of the village. Both fell in love and became one soul in two bodies.

Suddenly Shyam came to know that Radha was dumb. He thought of way to remedy her dumbness and it became successful. She started talking. Both were very happy and .now they started dreaming marrying each other.

In the mean timeJagirdar's son-Narendra returned from the city to the village. He also wanted to marry Radha. To fulfill the wishes of his son, the Jagirdar met the father of Radha and in the name of the Lord Shyam asked the hand of Radha for his son.

Here the love of Shyam and Radha was interupted and both were heart broken. Shyam left the village. When he was going away from the village, his bullockcart turned upside down and in the result Shyam lost his legs.

Radha told Narendra everything about her love with Shyam and her determination to keep it alive in her heart. When Narendra knew this story, he became sympathetic and decided to step away from between these two.

What happened afterward? What Narendra did for them both? Did Shyam get his legs back? Did Shyam and Radha live together again? To know the answers of these questions see the musical offering of Hem Productions' 'Shyam Tere Kitne Naam.'

(From the official press booklet)