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Sohni Mahiwal (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

Sohni Mahiwal is a famous love tale of Punjab known throughout India. In the days of Moghul Empire, a trader by name Izzatbeg came from Bukhara for the purpose of trading and roamed about in India till he entered Gujarat a town in the Punjab. Mirza Izzatbeg who had come for the purposes of trade and make fortunes out of trading fell in love with Sohni the daughter of a potter named Tulla and lost his heart at first sight. Mirza Izzatbeg started visiting Sohni's shop every day on the pretext of buying earthenwares.

Fatta another potter though actually a wrestler had Sohni's image in a part of his heart also and it was therefore very natural that he grew jealous of Mirza Izzatbeg and he could not stand the progress of? Awe between Izzatbeg and Sohni. He, therefore, with the help of his comrades decided to commit robbery and deprive Izzatbeg of all his belongings so that he should be left without means to continue staying in, Gujrat.

Conspired robbery proved a blessing in disguise as Mirza Izzatbeg was taken to Tulle's house by Sohni where Izzatbeg was persuaded to stay with them and work with them. He was entrusted with the job of grazing their buffaloes and as such he was later on called Mahiwal.

This increased the fire of jealousy in the heart of Fatta who with the help of his comrades attacked Mahiwal on the eve of Baisakhi and taking him to be dead threw him across the river Chinab.

What was the fate of Mahiwal? what happened to Sohni? and what became of the love are the sequences worth seeing on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)