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Waris (1969)

  • LanguageHindi

There are three claimants to a throne- the three of them have the same habits and attitudes but are strikingly different in their looks and appearances.

The only son of the ruler of Chandipur was missing from his childhood days. When there is no trace of the prince even after many years of search, the dying Maharaja calls three of his most trusted friends to look after his kingdom till the prince is found. He also makes them promise that when they find the Yuvraj, they will hand over the throne to him and also fix up his marriage with Geeta, the pretty daughter of the Diwan.

After the death of the Maharaja, the newspapers prominently carry the news of his death and three young men soon after appear on the scene claiming the throne, each saying that he is the real prince. But who was the real prince among them-and was the real prince among them? The answer to this interesting question is provided in a dramatic and romantic manner in this unusual film from Vasu Menon.

"Waris" is a story of intrigue, planning and triumph of good over evil.

(From the official press booklet)