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Lagan (1971)

  • GenreAction, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi

Parvati had to leave Burma and come to India alongwith her sons Prem and Rajesh. Poor Sevakram, an old friend of her late husband, gave her all the money that her husband had left for her and saw to her rehabilitation.

Shanti and Durga, two daughters of Sevakram, were poles apart. Prem fell for Shanti. Parvati noticed his attraction and had a talk with Sevakram, who readily agreed. Prem got married with Shanti. Rajesh also was fascinated by Durga and eventually married her.

But Prem, from the beginning, was on the wrong path. While Shanti was to become his child's mother, Prem was rejoicing with Kalpana. Tortures on Shanti continued. One day Prem brought some medicine for pre-mature death of his yet-to-be-born. Rajesh and Parvati came to know this and intervened to put an end to this inhuman act. How words turned into a deadly duel between the brothers.

Their mother Parvati could not tolerate the scene and this shock she could not survive. She died due to heart-failure. But before dying she took a promise form Rajesh that in future he'll never touch Prem.

After death of the mother Prem took advantage of the devotion of his wife Shanti and forced Rajesh and Durga to leave the house.

Prem forced Shanti to agree to divorce-to be free to marry Kalpana. When Rajesh came to know he rushed to the court. But before his arrival the divorce had already been granted. Prem had forced poor Shanti to face the life in the raw and Rajesh had taken a vow to take revenge from Prem and change the life of Shanti.

Was Rajesh able to light a lamp of happiness in the life of Shanti?

How Kalpana was rescued from the evil clutches of Prem?

And how Rajesh reformed Prem is to be seen in R.R.K. Combine's "LAGAN" coming soon at your favourite theatre.

(From the official press booklets)