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Humjoli (1970)

  • Release Date1970
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationVasu Studios, Vauhini Studios, RK Studios, Ranjit Studios, Raj Kamal Kala Mandir

Wealth for Gopal Das was a bigger ambition than love. He loved village girl Shyama but when opportunity came he married Rupa, the ugly daughter of millionaire Manohar Lal, for the sake of money. It made Shyama furious but Gopal Das assured her that it was just a plan to be rich quick. He will marry her soon.

A year passes, Manohar Lal dies, Gopal Das is now father of a daughter. Shyama refuses to wait any longer. Gopal Das writes a letter stating that he was making arrangements to marry her. In a boat accident, Rupa and young daughter get drowned. Now free, Gopal Das marries Shyama, but he comes to know his daughter was alive. Hiding the fact from Shyama Gopal Das arranges for the daughter to be brought up away from home. When she grows up and completes education, Gopal Das brings his daughter Rani Bala to city and makes her his personal secretary on the condition that she will never reveal the real identities.
Rajesh and Shobha are grown up children of rich man Devidayal. They leave their house due to some circumstances and come to city in search of livelihood.

Shivram comes from a rich family of his father Balram and grandfather Parasram. He wants to get married but for family traditions he has to get a job first. He meets Rajesh and together they search and get jobs in Gopal Das's office. Now Shivram can marry Shobha.

Rajesh and Rani Bala come closer in office and outside. They fall in love. But Manmohan is a thorn in their bliss. He is a near relative of Shyama working in Gopal Das's office. He wants to marry Rani Bala. The pressure comes through Shyama but Gopal Das refuses the Match, then Man Mohan comes out with his trump card -- the letter in which Gopal Das has planned murder of his wife; the letter that was sent to Shyama.

Gopal Das faces ruination, if Manmohan's demands are not met. He brings pressure on Rani Bala to accept marriage with Manmohan. She refuses. Gopal Das then turns to Rajesh to create hatred in the heart of Rani Bala for him. Rajesh makes the sacrifice with the help of a cabaret dancer. A heart-broken Rani Bala now agrees to marry Manmohan, but she cannot forget Rajesh too.

Gopal Das knows her torment; he also knows the fineness of Rajesh as compared to vileness of Manmohan. For his daughter's happiness, he cancels the engagement between Rani Bala and Manmohan; and is ready to face the legal punishment for his sins.
The surprising revelations follow in rapid order. Was Rupa indeed alive? What happens to Rajesh and Rani Bala? What are the fates of Shyama and Manmohan? Is Gopal Das punished for his crime? That makes for the thrilling climax of "Humjoli".

[From the official press booklet]



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