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Roomal (1949)

  • Release Date1949
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Roomal reveals to you a poignant drama of Great Love and Sacrifice. It immortalizes the love of an elder brother for his younger brother.

Deepak and Ramesh, sons of a village school master, and Kanchan, daughter of Vaidji, were three great friends. Ever since their childhood they had grown up together as three innocent love birds of the village. Deepak had a soul of the village, he was in tune with the nature; and had a yearning to take to cultivation to convert the vast waste tracts of his village into fertile fields. Ramesh had no such noble ambitions inspiring him, he was a frivolous type of young man, all excited at the prospect of enjoying city life where both the brothers were to proceed to join college.

Deepak was in love with Kanchan but due to shyness had never expressed his feelings to her. Kanchan was on the other in great love with Ramesh but Ramesh being a frivolous type of person did not respond to her affections. On the day when both the brothers were packing up things, getting ready to catch a Bus for the city to join the college, Deepak dropped his kerchief from his pocket without noticing it, this kerchief he had bought in the Mela to offer it to Kanchan as a symbol of expression of love for her. As Deepak went out of the room to speak to his mother, Ramesh picked up the kerchief from the ground and kept it on a bench. Kanchan who was anxious to speak to Ramesh alone came to his room and saw him picking up the kerchief; she asked him for a present but he refused to give one with a pretext that all his things were packed up. Kanchan, thinking that the kerchief belonged to him, picked it up, and as Ramesh went out of the room in a hurry, she opened up the kerchied and started looking at it with feeling with tears in her eyes. As luck would have it, Deepak came to the room and saw Kanchan caressing his kerchief, and thought this act as an acceptance of his love by her. Thus kerchief created a great misunderstanding. The kerchief plays a great role in the drama, culminating into Deepak’s sacrifice of his life for his brother. See this great drama revealing itself on the screen.


(From the official press booklet)