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Agni Rekha (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

Nirmala his hand, and an oasis appeared in the wilderness of their hearts. Suresh was not unaware of Nirmala's past. He shunned the people who labelled her a sinner. He believed that his arm was strong enough to ward off all ugly insinuations that painted Nirmala as a wanton woman. If a line of fire was to be lit to form a barrier between them and their desires, Suresh possessed the power to extinguish such a fire before it harmed either of them.

But the strength that Suresh possessed could easily have fallen before the mob. And then came a voice. The Voice of Sanity.The voice of Truth.The Voice that took the form of the Baba from the temple. He chided those who dared filing stones at Nirmala, who abused her, debased her. She is no sinner. 'She is as pure as the morning breeze. The child she bears has neither been conceived in love nor in passion. She is not guilty of even a momentary lapse. If there be virginity upon this earth, she is the finest example'. The mob refused to be pacified, and the Baba looked towards God for an answer to Nirmala's condition. 'When a child is conceived within the womb of an unwilling and wronged woman, who shall bear responsibility for such birth?' he asked. The question that echoes and re-echoes over all mankind, wherever man suffers from sinful lust and the weakersex is forced to pay the price.

The question that "Agni Rekha" attempts to answer.