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Andaz (1994)

  • Release Date04/11/1994
  • GenreAction, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time160 mins
  • Length4866.13 meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Certificate Date31/12/1993

The dreaded terrorist leader Captain (Raj Babbar) has acquired a nuclear bomb from the enemies, and is waiting to destroy the country.

At the same time, Ajay (Anil Kapoor) an intelligentex-student of the S.T. School is appointed in the same school as a teacher. From the very first day, Ajay is harassed by the mischievous pranks of an intelligent student (KarishmaKapoor), who finally falls in love with him. Ajay's refusal to enter into a romantic relationship with her upsets Jaya, and she challenges him that she will one day become his wife. To prove her wrong, he marries Saraswati (JuhiChawla), a young and illiterate orphan girl. At the same time, another Ajay's student, called Shagun Mama (Shakti Kapoor) creates a comic furor when he marries Shobha (Kunika) a teacher from the same school. Shagun Mama had at one time been Ajay's class-mate, and had remained for fifteen years in the same class due to his umpteen failures. After Ajay's marriage, Jaya becomes the couple's neighbour and befriends Saraswati by teaching her everything from cooking to reading and writing.

Events, take an ugly turn, when Jaya's father, an army officer is killed by a terrorist. Jaya becomes homeless and is forced to live in the orphanage, but Saraswati objects and instead gets Jaya to live with them, inspite of Ajay's objection.

Suddenly the terrorists strike and take the entire school children as hostages. Ajay, Jaya and all are trapped. Now, can Ajay succeed in saving the innocent children, by destroying the terrorists? Will there be a new turn in Jaya's and Saraswati's friendship? Will Jaya succeed in her challenge to Ajay? To find out these exciting answers, you will have to watch "ANDAZ" and action packed, loveable musical entertainment.