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Apna Ghar Apni Kahani (Pyas) (1968)

  • Release Date1968
  • GenreSocial, Family, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Amar (Shekhar) is a hardcore alcoholic and he is in very high debt due to this, Mira (Bina Rai) his wife sells her possession in order to clear the debt. Mira decides to leave him when Amar sets a godown on fire. Mira seeks shelter in an old man's house, whose name is Baba Kakar (David).

Mira has a daughter named Sudha (Mumtaz), who grows up to be a strong independent and educated. Sudha grows up with Manohar (Sudhir) who left at a early age while his dad got a new job. Sudha and Manohar reunite after years when Manohar helps her get a job,

They both fall in love and all goes well until Manohar's father refuses to marry his son to Sudha as she doesn,t know who her father is.

Will Sudha be able to know who her father is?

Will her Marriage happen now that a problem has erupted?




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