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Badnaam (1975)

  • Release Date1975
  • GenreAction, Crime, Drama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time139 mins
  • Length3478.68 metres
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-79861-MUM
  • Certificate Date11/11/1975
  • Shooting LocationRanjit, Shree Sound, Mohan Studio

BADNAAM” is story of a young man brought up under misfortunes and was deprived of privilege of paternal care. Hardships hardened him into a stone and he got entangled with a smuggling gang.

When MEENA came to know that she had a real brother named shyam now known as SHAMU DADA she got excited and had a hot discussion with her father shankerlal blaming him for ruining the life of his son lgnoring father’s advice meena goes to see her brother.

Shyam is surprised, confused and angry to see meena in his house, but stone melted before the fire of sisterly love. He comes to see meena. Shankerlal shouts at shyam and opposes meena for this unwanted affection.

One day while on smuggling duty shyam saves Rita from the clutches of GUNDAS. Rita in her heart of hearts starts liking Shyam for his selfless act of bravery. When Rita’s Uncle comes to know about the real life of Shyam he gets angry and opposes the growing romance of Rita and Shyam.

Shankerlal loses job and faces misfortunes. Burden of young daughter’s marriage breaks his health. Elder son Ganesh and daughter in-law Shanti change their attitude. His conscience rebukes him for having ruined the life of his son shyam. But now its too late to mend. Shankerlal dies in distress.

When shyam comes to know that the meena’s engagement has been denied due to his illegal activities, he feels all the more hurt and decides to leave the smuggling gang and lead a decent life.

Enemity starts between shyam and boss. Shyam is arrested on the charge of Bansi’s murder and he confesses the crime.

Advocate suresh doubt the statement of shyam.

Was there any mystry behind the murder ?
Whether shyam was awarded anty punishment ?
Whether the drems of Rita’s love came true ?
What happened to the marriage of Meena. ?

To know all this see emotional, suspenseful, action packed film ‘’BADNAAM’’.