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Bandish (1955)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time115 mins
  • Length3944.72 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-14778-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/12/1955

An epidemic sweeping over the bustee where they lived, took the lives of Tomato's parents, leaving the six months old child a helpless orphan. From that time Mahendra, though not related in nay way, had become Tomato's self appointed guardian, and was bringing him up up with all the love and affection one would shower upon his own child. 

A cruel fate stepped in to put an end to this happy relationship. Mahendra contracted T.B., and was advised to enter a sanitorium without delay. But what was he to do with his ward, now four years old and a naughty, healthy boy? Tomato didn't have a relation in the whole wide world. 

Tomato had often asked Mahendra about his parents, and Mahendra decided to find a father for him. With this in view, he took Tomato to a park promising him that he would now meet his Papa. Mahendra closely studied the passers-bye, and finally selected Kamalas a suitable parent for the child. Kamal was blissfully unaware of what was happening as Mahendra pointed to him and told Tomato that there was his Papa. Tomato was never again to leave him or lose him. 

Though attracted by the child who came and sat beside him, Kamal had too many troubles to be bothered. His father had finally refused to sanction his marriage to Usha, a dancingteacher, whom Kamal loved dearly. In a fit of despodency, Kamal had allowed himself to fall intot he clutches of a blackmailer who had already approached Kamal's father with huge demands. The immediate result was the stopping of Kamal's allowance. 

With these thoughts troubling him, Kamal rose to go his car and got a nasty shock when Tomato called him "Papa'! Kamal scolded the child, but Tomato's wailing quickly collected a crowd of onlookers who were indignanat that a father coild desert his son in this cruel fashion. Rathen than face a menacing mob, Kamal had to admit that the child was his and drive away with Tomato. 

Now Kamal's troubles really started! Try as he may, he just couldn't get rid of Tomato. What was worse, none of his friends-not even his beloved Usha would believe that Tomato was not really his son, though he managed to persuade her to look after him for a time. 

To a complicate matters still further, Tomato took to calling Usha "Mummy" at Kamal's instigation. Usha demanded that the child be removed from her flat immediately, and Kamal had no alternative but to try and hide Tomato in his own house for the night. 

Next morning Tomato innocently walked straight into the pressence of Kamal's parents to create a first class crisis when he claimed that he was Kamal's son. 

Kamal's frantic yet hilarious efforts to disprove the child's statement and to reconcile himself with Usha in the bargain, forms the climax of this absorbing comedy, and must be seen on the screen to be really enjoyed.