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Bheegee Raat (1965)

  • Release Date1965
  • GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time157 mins
  • Length4646.22 metres
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number83981 (Re-certification)
  • Certificate Date02/05/1977

Dear Friends, 

The game of movie making never suffers from the limitations of cumbersome rules... you play the game in the Grand Manner, throw cautions to the winds, an then move in into the Trade with Explosive Exploitation. Now what have you? May be, the biggest HIT since films began.

In the making of "BHEEGEE RAAT" (In estmancolour), Maya Movietone set off with the determination of sweeping the film world off it's feet... and ended their production activity with a nerve shattering elephant stamped filmed in the dense jungles of the Kumaon Hills. By virtue of this one sequence, Maya Movietone have placed their film in a class of absolute distinction, yet in the body of "BEHEEGEE RAAT" this sequence, even though one of the finest spectacles to have graced the screen, is merely one in a thousand highlights.

Pause, for a moment, over the cast of "BHEEGEE RAAT". Production designer RAM CHHABRA and director KALIDAS had-picked their actors and actresses, bearing in mind their suitability to portray the roles assigned to them. Box office was of secondary consequence, yet in putting artistes in tailor-made roles, they have definitely lined up the Biggest Box Office Star-Attraction that this, or any other entertainment season has yet witnessed.

ASHOK KUMAR is Anand, and engineer who showers untold affection upon his motherless child... MEENA KUMARI as Nilima, employed as governess for Anand's child, whose entire future lays in Ajay's arms... PRADEEP KUMAR as Ajay, the handsome youngman who spurns riches for the joy of a free life as a painter... KAMINI KAUSHAL as Pushpa, Anand's sister (an invalid), staging a great comeback in stunning style... SHASHIKALA as Vani, the pampered daughter of a millionaire who is reluctant to fall for a stooge, Pritam... RAJENDRANATH as Pritam, who decides to rake lessons in love before he can hop to win Vini... I.S. JOHAR as Prof. TikTok.Pritams mentor on affairs of the heart... ULLAHS... RAM MEHRA... and a cast of THOUSANDS including the most adorable, the most sensational child who has ever stepped before a movie camera, IRANI CHOUDHURY. With a cast such as this, the story of "BHEEGEE RAAT" will take you upon a journey which varies from moments of happiness to fever-pitched emotion, from the tranquility of serene love to the ferocity of the charge of a hundred rogue elephants, from the hunting strains of a love song to the red hot beat of dance time... the most delightful experience you have ever been offered on the royal road to rightful entertainment.

Speaking of music, we must mention the musician. In recent years, the quiet unassuming Maestro who has risen from strength to strength and climbed from success to greater success, and found a permanent place in the hearts of every genuine music lover is ROSHAN. And many of Roshan's greatest song hits have come in association with MAJROOH SULTANPURI. "BHEEGEE RAAT" once again brings together these two great talents, and that the divine melodies of the film will outlast many a rainy day cannot be denied.

"BHEEGEE RAAT" has been filmed in glorious Eastmancolor by photographer A. Bhattacharjee upon some of the most colourful locations in the world. The sets have been created by Shanti Das.

Even at the cost of facing the charge of being immodest, we may tell you that our office is being geared to transform the expected stampede of eager Distributors into a jolly party of welcome. The House of Chhabra will continue to rely upon the highest traditions of better business, and of offering the finest product in the market upon the fairest terms. Believe us "BHEEGE RAAT" is the sort of entertainer that will bring eternal sunshine to a troubled world.

As ever, at your service,
Cordially yours
Kashendas Chhabra  & Co.