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Chandan (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

Dilawarsingh, Jagirdar of GovindGarh, finds himself unable to pay off the loan of sethBankeylal; so he arranges a robbery in the house  ofsethBankeylal by dacoit Bhimsingh, who is his own friend.
Bankeylal is looted by Bhimsingh and while he tries to escape, Chandan (a young boy from the village) tries to stop him and by his efforts, Bhimsingh gets hurt and is arrested by the Police. For his outstanding bravery Chandan is given a rifle as a reward.Jagirdar steals this rifle and kills Bankeylal and leaves the rifle near the dead- Chandan is arrested and put in Jail with Bhimsingh who tells him all this conspiracy is done by JagirdarDilawar Singh.
Jagirdar tries to rape Chandan's sister Rekha but at the same time Gori (beloved of Chandan) reaches there and saves Rekha. The same night Rekha is kidnapped by Jagirdar.
Gori meets Chandan in Jail and tells thim everything. Chandan runs away from Jail along with Bhimsingh. He then goes to Jagirdar and asks him about his sister Rekha. Jagirdar denies everything-Chandan beats him very badly; just then a Police Inspector reaches there. Seeing him Chandan runs away-Jagirdar makes a report saying that he has been looted by Chandan-Chandan is then proclaimed as a Dacoit-Jagirdar then goes to the uncle of Gori and makes him agree to the marriage of Gori to him (Jagirdar).
Did Gori marry Jagirdar?
Did Chandan find Rekha?
Did Chandan take his revenge on Jagirdar?
What happened to DakuBhimsingh
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