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Dastan-e-Laila Majnu (1974)

  • Release Date1974
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Love and God : Love is God : God is Love. Love and Romance.

It exists from the time of creation of the world from Adam and Eve till today. From the pages of Immortal Romantic legend, the golden words unfold the famous love story of Laila Majnu, the topmost of their times.

Laila and Qais (Majnu) were intimately loving each other from their childhood during their school education. But there was an old enmity between the two families. Laila's father, Amir Sarwar was greedy. He was dreaming to marry her to a prince to make her queen, so he disliked her association with Qais. He stopped the meetings of Laila and Qais  The cupid's arrows had wounded their hearts so they managed to meet secretly. With lapse of time, both grew up and their secret meetings resulted in rock solid romance. The caretakers Atish and Nursurat of Laila and Majnu respectively became deadly enemies to stop the secret meetings of Laila and Qais. Laila's mother was in favour to marry her with Qais but Amir Sarwar was deadly against this. It was a prestige issue for him. He shifted Laila and his full qabila to Taif. On realising this, Qais made heaven and earth together to find her out, but all was in vain. Father of Qais Amir Amry was also very sad. Laila was sick. She distributed food to faquirs. Qais came as a Faqir to meet her; Laila on finding him as a faqir faints. Amir Sarwar managed to brand Qais as a mad man (Majnu). Qais roamed in streets singing Laila and her love. Public started laughing and hitting Qais (Majnu). Laila marked this and was deeply hurt at heart. Prince Bakhta of Baghdad saw Qais being hit. He rescues him. Laila is grateful to Bakhta. Prince Bhakhta finding Laila, is impressed with her beauty, and falls in love with her at first sight. He decides to marry Laila though Prince Bakhta was already engaged with Sabiha.

On the other side, Amir Sarwar plans to kill Qais in a camel race, but Qais is saved and wins the race. Amir Sarwar as per promise, agrees with Amir Amary to marry Laila and Qais. A messenger of prince Bakhta comes with wealth and riches and an offer for the hand of Laila in marriage. Amir Sarwar changes his mind and accepts the new proposal of Prince Bakhta. Qais is made with fury. In a dramatic moment, he abuses Amir Sarwar and tears his own clothes and goes away to deserts from the material world. Laila is unwillingly married to Bakhta. Sabiha is upset at this. She quarrels, taunts and insults Laila.

Prince Bakhta now wants to celebrate the honeymoon night with Laila. She refuses and in an excitement, attempts to kill herself than to surrender to Prince Bakhta. She could only love Qais. Prince Bakhta realises the delicate situation. He divorces Laila and accents her as his sister and with an escort sends her back respectfully to her father.

Amir Sarwar knows this and is now upset. His men attack Laila to murder her. The well-wishers of Laila and Qais give a counter-attack and rescue her. Laila escapes Qais is now desperately calling and singing in deserts storm. Both are involved in it and in a climax both collapse and finally die in each other lap. Finally, their souls meet in the Heavens.


(From the official press booklet)