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Dekha Pyar Tumhara (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

A vicked mind is out to harm anybody. Shanti Devi had the misfortune of having such experience at the hands of her late husband's friend Ramesh who had ill-desires for her and her wealth. When she did not submit to him, he avenged his defeat by kidnapping her daughter baby Madhuri. This was more then a shock which made Shanti Devi practically mad. Ramesh broughtup Madhuri till her prime youth under the guise of her uncle. One day Ramesh entangled Madhuri in a murder which he had actually committed, and henceforth started black-mailing her. Now Madhuri's job was to strengthen the hands of smugglers and gangsters active under the leadership of Ramesh and his other partner Madan.
Two unemployed young friends Raj and Prabhu are in search of job. As per an advertisement to recover a lost girl they approached Shanti Devi who gives them Rs. 5,000/- towards the part payment of the Reward of Rs. 50,000/- just to meet the expenses during the search of Madhuri. They became Private Detective and with the help of the Police start their search round about the city. While on their vigilance in a night-cafe where a fair damsel was dancing they hear the shrieks of a girl named Sadhna whose necklace is stolen. It is Madhuri who, at the instance of Ramesh, committed this theft and passes it on to Madan. Apprehending his arrest Madan puts the necklace in Prabhus pocket Under. the pretext of the advertisement given by Shanti Devi. Madan takes Madhur to her declaring her as her daughter   Madhuri has been tutored to return to the Den of Ramesh with all the wealth of Shanti Devi. Poor Madhuri does not know that the place she is broughtin is her own mother's house.
In the end how this mystry is Solved, how Sadhna gets her necklace! how Prabhu his Sadhna! how Raj his Madhuri! how mother her daughter! how, on different occassons, Ramesh and his gangsters encounter with Prabhu, Raj and Police! and how they are punished.
See all this in the hillarious action-packed musical comedy "Dekha Pyar Tumhara"