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Dev Kanya (1963)

  • Release Date1963
  • GenreFantasy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageSilent
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationShrikant Studios, Chembur, Bombay

Whenever tyranny and force of evil increases in the universe, someone stronger than that appears in the world to destroy the same. Devkanya Madalasa an idol of chastity and beauty appeared thus and became the means of welfare of the mankind.

Asur Patalketu, the emperor of Patal-Lok, the underworld along with his brother Talketu cruelly began to destroy the mankind and tortured them with one way or the other. When they started to pray God to get rid of him he destroyed the Yagnas performed by saints so that they may not please the God.

This condition prevailed on the whole earth. One day Devkanya Madalasa, daughter of Gandharvaraj of Gandharvalok came to earth to see its scenic beauty and the beauty of its inhabitants. There Patalketu saw Madalasa coming down. He was most attracted towards her beauty and decided to achieve her. But destiny played a different role. Madalasa met Kumar Ritudhwaj son of king Shatrujit on earth and at the first sight both were attracted to each other. Madalasa left the earth, leaving her heart there with Kumar Ritudhwaj.

Patalketu was burning with fury-in that fury he kicked out his brother Talketu. Then with the advise of his cunning sister Bhairavi, he planned to get hold of Madalasa.

This side the love of Ritudhwaj and Madalasa grew without leaps and bounds and their regular meetings on earth gave Patalketu a clue to arrest Madalasa unawared. He was successful in this attempt and he captured Madalasa and kept her jailed in Patal-Lok. Thus two hearts seperated.

Ritudhwaj reached Patal-Lok and found Madalasa there waiting for him or for death. Both united again. Narad Muni appeared there performed there marriage and according to the curse of Kamdhenu Patalketu's head was cut off with the arrow of Ritudhwaj.

But Patalketu did not die-his head searched for his brother Talketu and incited him to take revenge of his murder. Talketu took a vow to kill both Madalasa and Ritudhwaj.
Now Talketu started taking revenge from the public of Ritudhwaj and Ritudhwaj had to set out again leaving his bride Madalasa leaving her in bridal costumes without even passing their honeymoon. This tragedy was enough to crush the heart of a faithful wife like Madalasa.

But the forces of goodness and of evil, struggled to bring down each other and ultimately who won is not a matter of guessing but the way Madalasa succeeded to get her Ritudhwaj back is the treat you can only have by seeing "Dev Kanya" on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)