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Maya Machhindra (1975)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-78414-MUM
  • Certificate Date10/04/1975

At the end of the  DWAPAR YUGA, and at the beginning of KALYUG, BHAGWAN VISHNU took  MATSYENDRANATH’S avatar through MATSYA, and came on the earth for the salvation of the suffering humanly.


Machhindranath got the blessings of Bhawan Dattatrya, and engaged himself showing the path of rightnousness to the people. He gives boon in a shape of Bhasma to abarron women so that she begets a child. But unfortunately, the woman throws away the Bhasma in a cow-dung-pit.


After twelve years Machhindra returns. Gorakhnath is born out of that cow-dung  pit and he becomes the chief disciple of Guru Machhindranath.

Machhindranath send Gorakhnath on pilgrimage and himself sits in Samadhi. Hanuman comes and requests Machhindranath to go to Triyanajya and marry Queen Tilottama there to beget a son who would be cursed of salvation of the suffering women of Triyarajya and its queen Tilottama.


For the sake of the holy mission, machhindranath goes and marries Queen Tilottama.when Gorakhnath returnes from the pilgrimage; he is pained to know that his Guru Yogi Machhindranath was no more a saint.


Gorakh goes to Triyarajya to bring back his guru, but tilottama creates hurdles in his way.


Gorakh transforms himself to a female dancer and during a song-cum-dance performance he plays mridang crearing the warning sound “CHET MACHHINDER GORAKH AYA” which means “Beware Machhindra, Gorakh has arrived” Machindra is perturbed to hear this.


In the night, Garakh by his yogik powers tries to take away his guru away from Triyarajya. But Tilottama again comes in the way, this time so much so, that even guru Machhindranath looses his temper on Gorakh and orders him to leave Triyarajya immediately.


Disappointed Gorakh leaves. Meennath, the son of Tilottama and machhindranath follows Gorakh. Both start arguing and to prove the truth fullness of hip point Meennath jumps down in the river and dies.


Gorakh brings the dead body of Meennath, the son of Tilottama andwho weep and wail at the loss of their only son, like ordinary mortals.


Gorakh reminds his guru that he had powers put life in the dead body . Machchandra tries but fails.


Now further on, how things take shape and problems are solved is unfolded debtty on the silver screen.



(From the official press booklet)