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Dillagi (1966)

  • Release Date1966
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time146 mins
  • Length4230.94
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number81024
  • Certificate Date01/04/1976
  • Shooting LocationMohan Studios, Rajkamal Kala Mandir, Gurudutt Studios

Sometimes small and harmless triflings turn into a very serious affair, bewildering the men involved in it. This story also has reflections of the same kind. Sapan & Deepak are bosom friends. Once they meet a charming young lady Seema at a club meeting. Deepak who is a naughty and care free young man, decides to play a trick with Seema to involve her in a love affair with Sapan. But as he thinks about this, destiny has its own plan for Seema and Sapan. By writing a love letter to Seema on behalf of Sapan, Deepak thinks, Seema will shower blessings of love over Sapan but Seema proved to be otherwise and the innocent Sapan becomes the victim of her fury. Deepak was ashamed for what he had done.

Deepak forgot his incident in no time Sapan was still active in another plan. Sapan decided to take revenge from Seema by turning her hatred towards him into real love. "By hook or crook, I must do it" declared Sapan. He soon embarked on his adventure. He decided to take help of a fake professor, who was known to be expert of love affair. Professor B.N.R. Chobe, a smart young man in the guise of love expert. Chobe had many love formulas & successfully applied them on young unsuccessful lovers and made their lives happy. Yet Chobe himself was a complete flop in his love.

In the meanwhile Seema had to realise that Sapan is fooling her. She reacted, but in a strange manner. She also plunged into a fake love drama. And tried to come closer to Sapan. She thought, when Sapan will be entangled in my love I will simply ask him to go away, and in this way he will be ruined for ever. But for them, the Cupid had another plan. A real Taj Mahal, was being constructed on the foundations of a false-love.

As Deepak was helping Sapan in his adventure, he also confronted with a beautiful but quite and peace loving girl. They were strangers for each other, still they fell in love.

Sapan's father Rai Bahadur were among those rich men, who were very famous for their high family and wealth. Life for him was pleasant and full of fun. But Sapan observed with curiosity that whenever Puran Bahadur visits their home, his father becomes restless ad whenever he had heart attacks, he wanted to have something but obviously fails to have courage to speak. But one day, Rai Bahadur found death too near to him, he called Sapan and revealed that he has been a sinner and the proof of his sin is still alive and that is Lajwanti.
After the death of his father Sapan searched Lajwanti and brought her out of the life of shame and indignity. While doing this Sapan got himself entangled in another worry. Girl whom Sapan brought out of the brothel, was none but the same whom Deepak loves.

One day Deepak saw Lajwanti and Sapan together, there were no bounds for his anger. He tried to kill Lajwanti by strangling her, but Sapan entered the fray and held Deepak by his collars and hammered him.

Many sensational developments took place afterward. There are many mysteries to be unearthed and many puzzles to be solved. What happened to Seema and her love? Why she became suspicious of Sapan? Whether Lajwanti was Rai Bahadur's real daughter?? What happened to Deepak? Whether Sapan was ever able to come out of his worries? Did Professor Chobe ever come close to Usha? Please see all these mysteries being solved on the SCREEN.

[from the official press booklet]



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