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Dupatta (1970)

  • Release Date26/03/1971
  • FormatPartially Colored
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length3257.22 meters
  • Number of Reels14 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-60639-Mum
  • Certificate Date21/04/1970
  • Shooting LocationRoop Tara and Ranjit Studios, Bombay, Old Delhi Railway Station

Dupatta, though a decorative piece of feminine clothing, is a symbol of grace, honour and chastity. Mukandi (Kamal Kapoor), is a young rogue and a dangerous village bully. He nurses immense desire to own and possess Bholi (Indira Billi). His stooge Vehla Ram(V. Gopal) encourages him in designing plots and schemes to gain Bholi. In his heart of hearts, this Vella Ram has immense love for Lajo (Bimla Kumari), sister of Mukandi. Rajoo (Ravinder Kapoor) is a young dashing and handsome youth, younger brother of village post-master (Brahm Bhardwaj). Makkhan (Gopal Sehgal) is brother-in-law of Bholi, a village quack, unfortunately suffers night blindness, but a very clever and witty person. 

One day Bholi runs into Rajoo. They fall in love at first sight. Their secret meetings start and they are coming closer and closer to each other. Lajo also has already lost her heart to Rajoo but Rajoo does not respond to her. Bholi confides about her love for Rajoo to her friend Lajo and tells her about their secret meeting place. Lajo in a fit of jealousy decides to separate the lovers.

Lajo informs all about Bholi’s romance with Rajoo to her brother Mukandi and also their secret meeting place. One day he finds Bholi and Rajoo together and confronts them. BeforeRajoo could gather himself,Mukandi pounces upon him and hammers him mercilessly. Mukandi tries to grab Bholi but she escapes. Unfortunately, her dupatta comes in the hands of Mukandi.

He carries her dupatta to Bholi’s mother Kaushlaya (Mumtaz Begum) and exploits the situation. Under Mukandi’s pressure Bholi’s mother has to concede to give Bholi’s hand to Mukandi. Mukandi is very happy to achieve his goal and Vella Ram asks Mukandi to give him the hand of his sister Lajo. Mukandi detests this demand and hits Vella Ram on the face. Vella Ram hurt and injured goes to Makkan, takes him into confidence, reveals all ofMukandi’s secrets. He tells Rajoo that Mukandi is already married and his wife Nirmala Devi (Manju) lives in Delhi. Though Bholi protests about this alliance and threatens to kill herself, her mother is adamant and makes arrangements for the marriage of Bholi with Mukandiin full swing. 
Rajoo accompanied by Makkhanand Vehla Ram goes to Delhi in search of Nirmala Devi. After a lot of effort, they find Nirmala working as a nurse in a hospital. They convince her to help them expose Mukandi who is now marrying Bholi. In the village, Bholi runs away from the marriage venue. In the meantime, Rajoo and company reach the venue and are able to expose the cheater Mukandi. This enraged Mukandi and he attacks Rajoo with the sword. During the cross fight, when Rajoo is about to hit Mukandi with burning wood, Nirmala intervenes to save her husband from burning. The Sarpanch (Shiv Raj) while exonerating Mukandi Ram orders him to accept Nirmala as his wife. The true lovers Rajoo and Bholiget married with the blessings of all.