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First Love (1961)

  • Release Date1961
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4103.21
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberA-1077-MUM
  • Certificate Date01/04/1961
  • Shooting LocationCentral Studio (Roongta Cine Corporation), Madan Studios

Mohanlal (Raj Mehra) had been a trainer of boxing bouts and had lost a fortune in that. He has two grown up daughters, Shobha (Pritibala) and Sheela (Naaz) who has just entered her teens. He needs finanace to arrange a boxing bouts and out of the monies thus realised he has to marry his daughters. In the opposite house strays Ratan (Mehmood) a poor mill worker with his ailing father. Ratan is in love with Shobha, although he has never dared to meet her. But he knows that she also loves him. 

In the search of finance, Mohanlal meets Mr. Lall (Amar) a rich man interested in boxing. Mohanlal brings him home and tries to convince him about the good harvest which can be cropped out of boxing. On meeting Shobha and seeing her beauty Lall becomes interested in the proposition and agrees to finance him. 

Shobha understands his intention but since she loves her father very much. She keeps quiet about it. She prepares herself to sacrifice her love for Ratan. Sheela instinctively does not like Lall and dislikes the situation on when Shobha goes out with Lall in his big posh car. Ratan also looking from his window, is taken aback seeing seeing Shobha going alone with Lall in his car. Tears swell up in his eyes. Sheela sees Ratan is weeping and is moved. Childishly she feels that Ratan will die and she decides to write a letter to Ratan from Shobha. While Ratan is away she goes to his house to deliver the letter and meets his father and tells him her name as Shobha. 

When Ratan comes back he finds the letter and becomes very happy because in that letter she has written that he should not mind whenever she goes about with anybody or cannot come in the window. She loves him. 

Meanwhile Mohanlal has arranged a boxing bout and Lall now reveals to him of his intention of marrying Shobha. Mohanlal does not agree but Shobha in order to help her father makes Mohanlal agree to the marriage proposition- thus sacrificing love forever. 

While coming from his mill with his monthly pay for the operation of his father, Ratan is overpowered  by some gundas and Gundas seize his money. Seeing his extraordinary stemina boxing trainer Banerji who was just passing by in search of  a stand by boxer as his own boxer has fallen ill, takes him into the boxing area and promises to pay him double the amount gundas has seized from him provided he does not fall in the ring. 

Shobha and Sheela also see Ratan put up in the ring. The audience mock at him but Sheela coaxes him also to hit back and strangeky enough Ratan hits the oponent with such force that he wins and new field for making money and getting rich becomes open for him. 

Once again Shobha's love reawaken and she feels that perhaps Ratan can help her out of her difficulties and pay back her father's debts, she goes to meet him, but at that time she comes to know about Sheela's love for Ratan and once again she sacrifices her love because of her younger sister. 

Ratan's father dies in the operationa nd Shobha is also married to Lall. He becomes absolutely desperate in life. Sheela loves him and wants to meet him. But he is not even aware of it. Time passed by and Ratan becomes a champion boxer. Sheela still worships him. Lall comes to know about Shobha's love for him and feel jealous about it. 

Ratan is filled with hatred for the world. Love becomes a meaningless word for him. He is quite well known for his ruthlessness and for his destructive attitude of human feelings and then Mohanlal comes to know that his daughter was in love with a scoundrel. 


(From the official press booklet)



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