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Kala Aadmi (1960)

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"KALA AADMI" is the story of a man with the Sixth Sense !"
"Indira will get Rs. 12 lakhs if she gets married on or before the 15th of March, and incase she fails to do so, all the money will go to Charity fund". This was the will of late Rai Bahadur Amar Kumar (Amar) Indira's father.
Every one is aware of this will & every one wants to marry Indira for her money.
There are a few characters desirous of marrying Indira. Mohan-a happy-go-lucky opportunist, Chaman Lal-an insurance agent (Johnny Walker) & Madan-a painter (Ashok Kumar). Kunwar Sahib Indira's guardian does not like any one of them and wants Indira to marry according to the boy of his choice.
But Indira prefers Madan who is a very good painter & convinces him to marry her by showing her true love for him. Their marriage is fixed & it seems that all is well now.
But one day before the marriage Madan is involved in a car accident. He escapes but loses eyesight. Every one is under impression that it was only an accident but a well planned plot to murder him, so as to stop Indira's marriage with him & he decides to find out the murderers.
Even though blind, Madan draws a sketch of the girl who had collided with him at the time of the accident & gets the sketch published in all the news papers.
The girl meets him, Madan acts as if he is not blind but during the talk she comes to know the fact & tells him every thing wrong & goes away. When Madan comes to know of it, he follows the girl with the help of Chaman Lal, because he was sure that she was the key of the mystery.
He meets the girl in Park-Cafe & again acts as if he can see every thing. The girl is about to tell him every thing but again Madan falters & once again she is confident that he was blind & was only acting.
And then he is left on the railway lines-Trains are running after every five minutes - And Madan was blind alone & helpless - 
Who was the KALA AADMI?
What happened to Madan on Railway Tracks?
Could he trace out the KALA AADMI? See the mysterious motion picture on the Silver Screen. 

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