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Garibon Ka Daata (1989)

  • Release Date1989
  • GenreAction, Thriller
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU

The village of Shantipur is infested with two devilish characters Thakur Chattan Singh and Sarpanch Samjhavan Lal. They are the exploiters of the poor, ruthless blood suckers and tormentors of the village folk. The whole village is reeling under their oppression.

There is another village where lives a naughty boy Gopi- who is though golden hearted, is mostly boy in his pranks. In one such incidents, Gopi and his party unknowingly teases Saaligram who had come to see and approve Gopi's sister Laxmi for his son Ravi's marriage. On the engagement of Laxmi, Saaligram spots Gopi scolds him, accuses him of goondaism and breaks the marriage. Shanti Devi, the grandmother of Gopi and Laxmi, who had brought up the children as her own, punishes Gopi for his blatant, irresponsibility and dies in the shock.

Gopi, vows to fulfill the last desire of his grandmother by marrying his sister Laxmi the same boy and sets out in his search, for Shantipur.

It is here that the story takes a new twist. On the complaint of the village teacher Vidya Sagar's daughter Naina, the government sends special office to Shantipur. By sheer mistake Gopi is misunderstood to be the special officer. And a big comedy of errors follows. As Gopi had to wait for his sister's husband he decides to mend the wicked ways of Chattan Singh and Sarpanch. As an officer, finally Gopi does the drama of a ten crore tender to be given to the best social worker of the village.

The villains, in order to prove great social workers invest all the money which they had looted from the villagers, in giving the village a brand new look. Then both the rogues came to know that there was no such thing as a ten crore tender. The tricksters were tricked and totally ruined by Gopi who in reality was not an officer but a server of the people.

Chattan Singh and Sarpanch who were sworn enemies become best friends against common enemy Gopi and unleash a devastating vendetta. Gopi rises to the occasion and protects all the doom.

The evil does are punished by the people and Dadi Daa's all dreams are fulfilled Peace and prosperity is re-habilitated in the village and love is the final winner. 

[From the official presss booklet]