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Gauhar (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • GenreFamily
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationFamous Pictures Ltd (Studios), Bombay Talkies Ltd

In a small town the old Chaudhry's daughter Rani and the rich Thakur's son Manohar were two childhood friends. The rapid development of youth cemented this friendship into love and blossomed it into secret meetings. The only thing that could stand in the way of these two loving hearts was Thakur's exalted position in the community. Manohar allows her fears by promising to speak to his Father and marry her against all odds. Bankey, the village ruffian who had infatuated for Rani, threatened to expose them and degrade the Chaudhary, but before he could make any move, Thakur asks Chaudhary for Rani's hand in marriage with his son.

A date for marriage was fixed and in the interval Manohar had to go to Bombay to obtain B.A. degree and on the very day fixed for the marriage news came that Manohar had met with a fatal accident. Thus Rani's dreams were shattered.

The Chaudhry could not survive this terrible shock, and Rani was left alone helpless to fight against her Fate. The Thakur came to her rescue and took Rani to his own home. Rani was provided with every comfort but still she was unhappy. The generous action of Thakur was misconstrued by the people and rumours began to spread like wild fire. Rani could not endure further and to spare the fair name and honour of Thakur's house, left his Fatherly protection and village.

Time rolled on and Rani who by now had become a qualified Nurse is deputed for duty in a small hospital in the hills. Fate had still surprises for her and Rani was perplexed to see in the Doctor in-charge a personification of her dead lover Manohar. She could not believe the striking resemblance, and in her heart of hearts believed the Doctor to be Manohar. But this hope was shattered when she found the Doctor happily married and the father of a sweet child. Poor Rani again resigned herself to her fate.

Doctor Ashok and his wife Rekha were happy that they were expecting a second child, but Rekha is given the sad news by the family Doctor Prakash that she won't have any further child and ultimately comes to know that she is suffering from Cancer and has only a few months to live.

The Professional intimacy between the Doctor and Nurse gave the ignorant people something to talk about and once again as before Rani decided to leave the place to save the sanctity of the married life. Rekha understanding, tries to stop her and in this effort lets out her own secret of the approaching death.

The nobleness of Rani's profession binds her to stay and contrary to the promise tells the Doctor of inevitable disaster facing him. The Doctor rushes to the family Doctor Prakash, who confirms the deadly nature of the wife's suffering and advises him to give her all the joy and happiness that she has missed. The Doctor leaving the child in the charge of the Nurse takes his wife to all places of pilgrimage and finally reaches Banaras. There he visits a Mandir and prays for her life. What happens after that you will see on the Silver Screen. 

[From the official press booklet]