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  • Release Date1971
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time114 mins
  • Length3317.75 metres
  • Number of Reels13
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number98554
  • Certificate Date28/09/1981 (Re-certification)

Kusum, a school-going girl in a small district town, is very fond of the movies, and has crush on Dharmendra, whose films she will see over and over again.

So much so, that her Bhabhi (Uma) has caught her cutting school to go to the cinema. Kusum lives with father, elder brother Kishan, and her Bhabhi, and is the spoilt child of the family. He bhabhi wishes to have Kusum as a bride for her younger brother, Navin, who is on a visit to the family. Kusum, however, has little interest in anything else but Dharmendra.

One afternoon Kusum learns from her schoolmate, Tara, that a unit from Bombay has come to the town for shooting, and who would be with them but Dharmendra? Tara's elder brother, Kundan, who poses as a close friend of the stars, is approached by the school girls to introduce them to Dharmendra. In a show of bravado, Kundan agrees, and asks them to come to the location before evening.

When the girls see Dharmendra, they all run up to him and ask for his autograph. Only Kusum lag behind, till she too plucks up courage. It is a great moment for her, and she accepts the autograph gratefully. Those few words that Dharmendra spoke overwhelmed this star-struck girl an she goes home to dream and to imagine that she is already in Dharmendra's inviting arms!

Next day, Kusum prepares to leave for Bombay on a holiday with her Bhabhi and her brother Navin. Just before they are going, Tara comes to them in tears. Kundan has absconded, after breaking his mother's safe and robbing the family of their savings. They believe he must have gone to Bombay to seek career in films. Kusum promises to try and find him.
In Bombay, they are welcomed by Prof. S. Gupta, Bhabhi's Mamaji. Mamaji is a bachelor, and more than a match for the younger generation. He learns of Kusum's strange infatuation for a film star. Sensing an emotional disaster, he decides to act. He gets an introduction to Dharmendra through the good office of a common friend, and them meets the star frankly tells him of the problem that the family is facing with Kusum. Dharmendra is sympathetic, but wonders how he could be of any assistance. Then Mamaji unfolds a plan - he believes that should Kusum see Dharmendra the man, rather than Dharmendra the film star, her heroworship will be shattered, and she will be brought back to earth. Somewhat reluctantly Dharmendra falls in with the scheme.

Mamaji takes Kusum and Navin with him to watch shooting, and to meet Dharmendra. Kusum is thrilled, and cannot believe her fortune is sitting next her idol. But when she watches the shooting, she begins to wonder. Are these supermen, who require duplicate standings for the fights? What of this world of make-believe? Day after day, Mamaji goes through with the routine, and slowly but surely Kusum's infatuation began to be shattered. One evening, Dharmendra and Mamaji conspire to attack Kusum in disguise, so that Navin, who is not let into the secret, can come to her rescue. The plan works to perfection, though Mamaji has the worst of the experience with his teeth shaken by Navin's genuine blows.

Then Kusum sees Kundan in the studio. The man is working as an ordinary junior artiste. He tries to run away when Kusum sees him, but she corners him. He tells a depressing story, that the streets of filmdom are not paved with gold. He had lost all the money he had taken from his mother, and was now on his last legs. This was a very telling example of the realities of the film world.

By the time her birthday comes round, Kusum has realised her folly, and that Navin is the proper man for her. All the other guests have arrived, but where is Navin? Again, it is Dharmendra who speaks to Navin, and persuades him to go to Kusum, before it is too late.

Kusum is overjoyed to find Navin has come, but he has come to bid goodbye. She rushed on to the roof, where he follows, and under the stars, she pleads with him to give up his plans to leave for a job, or take her with him. 

[From the official press booklet]