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Hamari Baat (1943)

  • Release Date1943
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationThe Bombay Talkies Studios, Malad

"Old order changeth yielding place to new." But old Pandit Umashankar, once a vital force in the field of Music, couldn't somehow reconcile himself with this indisputable truth. 

The indispensible crisis came when the present struck the past. Suresh, the young manager of the Film Company could not afford to take risks and as a result Pandit Mashankar lost his job and Prannath, the young nephew of the Production Manager Pyarelal, was installed as a Music Director.

Beena, the only daughter of old Pandit Umashankar, was not prepared to be convinced that her father's music was not liked by the public. She took up the fight on her father's behalf and went to the manager to argue with him. As luck would have it, it was Prannath himself whom she mistook for the manager and blurted out her fury and grievances on him.
Poor Prannath was absolutely answered of the fact that he was the cause of Umashankar's dismissal. And now that he was facing the most charming FURY with brilliant sparks of life and art in her eyes, he found out that the girl who had come to plead for the old Master could excel her father. And he managed in such a way that Beena got an offer from the manager to work in the company.

Beena conveyed the news of her appointment to her father, but the father was not happy. Beena, in order to please her father, decided that she would not accept the job.

Prannath was anxious to bring back Beena for whom he had developed a sort of liking, and tried to explain his viewpoint but Beena would not listen to him. Meanwhile the father and the daughter were very much depressed as Umashankar could not find another job. One day Prannath picked up courage and put before Beena his viewpoint- "The world is old but new life is born every day."-He further substantiated the truth of his statement by giving a performance with the help of Beena's friends, Kanaiya and Jamuna. This recognition on the part of Beena changed her entire attitude. And suddenly a strange truth dawned on her-she was in love.

The manager, Suresh, wanted to use his office as an instrument to draw nearer to Beena, in whom he had become intensely interested. And it was not the first time that he got interested in a girl. Beena to her grate discomfiture realised this and exhausted every nerve to get rid of him. To achieve this end she enacted a false love-drama with her friend Kanaiya, which was not without success. She didn't miss her aim but had to pay an unimaginable price for it.

Prannath had also happened to be a spectator. This sight left him awfully shaken and he, in a fit of frenzy and under a wave of anger, hit her-hit her with all the might in his powerful arms. And lo! in only a fraction of a second Beena lay half-dead on the floor.

Beena is now lying absolutely unconscious in a hospital drawing nearer to death every minute-Umashankar, her wrecked father is standing by her side dying a death with every troubled breath of hers. And here is Prannath who considered her his very life; still he is not sorry for his action. Will he ever be?

Shall we tell you? But no. Prannath says, "It's HAMAARI BAAT". So we leave it for him to tell you.

(From the official press booklet)



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