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Husn Ka Chor (1953)

  • Release Date1953
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationBasant Studios, Bombay

What is the secret of happiness? It is a riddle man has tried to solve since civilisation began:

Husn Ka Chor is an Arabian Nights fantasy which attempts to give a symbolical solution to the eternal query by stressing that "Heaven dwells in the Purity of Heart".

Qamar is a born thief who believes in the theory of each man to himself and Devil take the hindmost. Once he succeeds in stealing the jewels of Princess Husna. But dazed by her beauty and innocence he finds a strange power forcing him to return them to her. When Princess of different lands have come to woo Husna, he poses him self as a Prince. To his sheer surprise, Husna, selects him for her husband much to the chagrin of Prince Turan.

Nadira, the fiery dancer of Muflis Ganj is madly in love with Qamar & betrays him. But when she finds that Qamar's life is in danger she repents and succeeds in freeing him from the custody of Himakat Baig the foolish stooge of traitor Qassim with the help of Qamar's friend Bakroo & his flame Laila. Repentant Qamar bids farewell to Husna and comes to the Holy Man who tells him that if he not a prince he should deserve to be one so as to win the love of Husna.

Qamar sets out on the Flying Horse to obtain the Magic Wish Box from the Fairy of the Moon and eventually earns it by killing an evil Ginei who had kept her as his prisoner.

In the meantime Turan has usurped the throne of the Sultan with the help of traitor Qassim. Turan forces Husna to marry him if she does not want her father to be tortured to death. In one of the most exciting climaxes ever seen on the Indian Screen Qamar succeeds in saving Husna from the clutches of Turan and flies with her on the Magic Carpet to the Palace of the Moon there to find everlasting happiness in purity of heart.

[From the official press booklet]