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Ikraar (1979)

  • LanguageHindi

This is a story of a young and beautiful girl who gets entangled in a web of circumstances.
One night Deepa, was running her delicate fingers on the piano key-board and playing a tune of her husband' choice-when Prem, the husband's friend came in drunk Charmed by the lovely tune, he staggered upto herepounced upon her and tried to molest her. Deepa straggled to prose her honour and in desperation, she shot the drank man dead. As a result Deepa ended up a criminal-facing a murder charge, in a Court of law. However, on the basis of Circumstantial evidence, the custodians of law and justice declared her innocent and Deepa was acquitted of the murder charge.
From here the story takes a turn a Deepa's husband-Sunil and her foster brother-Rohit (who earlier appeared as her defense counsel) along with the help of Dolly-a cabaret dancer, weave a web of intrigue around her.
And one day, to Deepa's great shock, the dead Prem walks beck in to her life, like a bolt from the blue!
Deepa thus finds herself cornered from all sids and under adverse circumstances she is forced to make a confession.
What type of net was throwd around Deepa?
Why was her husband intent upon destroy up?
What were the demands of her foster brother?
What relation did cabarat dance enjoy with Sunil?
and what confession had deepa to make?
you will know all this only after seeing "IKRAAR".


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