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Jeevan Yatra (1946)

  • Release Date1946
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Life marches on, never lagging in speed or tempo. And in keeping pace with life, Vishweshwari Motoe Service's bus speeded its way to tis destination : Kashi (Benares).

The bus was full-full of pilgrims and sight-seers who differed so much form each other in their disposition that they truly represented the cross-section of 400 millions of people of this cast sub-continent. There was Ramshastri-a Pandit; Lakshmichand-a money lender; Chandrababi-a prostitute; Kalindi-a wistful old woman; Raja-a proletariate cleaner; Dantmanjanwala, an opportunist quack; Murlikaka-an aged driver with young heart; a snobish rich mother Sunanda - a modern girl out to see life and Vidyadhar a book-worm who had shut his eyes to life. A strange destiny had brought them together and now each in his or her own selfish way was trying to have the best time of their life as long as the journey lasted.

But, unfortunately the journey was not smooth. A terrific cyclone made it impossible for the bus to go ahead and all the passengers had to take shelter for the night in dilapidated temple. The night did not pass of quietly. Ramshastri and Lakshmichand tried to entice Chandrabai who in turn, was ogling for Raja. And Raja, frank as a matter of fact, was out to expose Sunanda, her mother and her fiance Vidyadhar as well as the product old Kalindi.

Next morning, when the bus was about to start Chandra, having failed in her designs, took revenge on Raja by prejudicing Murlikaka, who loved her, against him. So the bus went on without Raja and Kalindi-who tracked their way on foot. Kalindi accompanied him because she had found the secret to Raja's past ornament which she recognised, her son was wearing when he was lost- They marched on only to find the bus in a wrecked condition. For the benefit of the passengers Raja rejoined the bus, while Kalindi remained back in a Village, where she learnt that a high-way robber called Vishwas who robbed the rich and helped the poor ruled over that region. And the passengers of the bus became aware of the decoit ruler only when they were trapped, arrested and brought to his den.

Confronted with this situation, almost all the passengers except Raja lost courage. It was only Raja who challenged the authority of Vishwas - the decoit King; and far from punishing him Vishwas rather admired Raja's courage thereby making his lieutenant Randhir jealous of him. Afraid that Raja might supersede him, Randhir decided to teach Raja a lesson by molesting Sunanda, who by now, made it obvious that she loved him. Warned by Randhir's sweet-heart, Raja rushed to save Sunanda and in the duel that ensued Randhir was thrown down from the hill top with his sweet heart jumping after him.

The law of the jungle demanded that Raja should be hanged for killing Randhir-Sunanda pleaded for him and so did Kalindi who came to save her son and to her surprise found that Vishwas was her lost husband-Raja's father. But even as a father Vishwas could not save his son; he could break his own law.

Then, was Raja saved? Were Kalindi and Vishwas re-united? Did Raja ever know that Sunanda loved him too? Were these lovers united? What happened to other passengers? All querries find a thrilling answer in an astounding climax on the screen. 

[From the official press booklet]