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Johar In Bombay (1967)

  • Release Date1967
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3942.28 metres
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number85659
  • Certificate Date22/10/1977 (Re-certification)
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan Studios, Filmalaya Studios

There is a legend in Arabian Nights that once upon a time there was Alladin. He had a lamp, and the lamp had a gin in it. You have heard it, we have heard it, and most of us have read it.

Our hero Rajesh is a lazy fellow and staying as a paying guest with a spinster lady Kumari Saraswaty Devi and her brother Gulu who owns a Curio shop. Rajesh and Gulu both serve there.

Rajesh is a dreamer apart from being lazy, he has less interest in the customers or cleanliness of the shop than in the discussions of the dreams which he dreamt last night. While going to the shop on their motor cycle, Gulu sitting in the coupe and they see an advertisement of Anarkali Drama. Rajesh stops his motor cycle and tells Gulu that this is the same girl which I always dream.  Now she has become a reality. Inspite of Gulu's request not to go, Rajesh approaches the heroine, Nalini who was signing autographs for her fans at the foots-steps of the theatre. Rajesh insists that I am your Salim, as I am dreaming probably you must also be dreaming, now we have met. The enraged fans hit both of them and they had to run away. They reach the shop where some customers are waiting and they misbehave with them. In the meantime, Saraswaty Devi comes and requests her customers to purchase whatever they want, she will attend them personally. But they refuse on account of misbehaviour of these two salesmen and go away.

Saraswaty Devi, sister of Gulu and proprietress of the shop locks the door, puts Gulu out for watching and Rajesh on the duty of cleaning. It is about in the night, while Rajesh is cleaning the lamp gin appears, Rajesh is frightened and requests he has done nothing wrong and she should be pardoned, but the gin says I am your slave and I can do anything that you order. After gathering great courage, he tells him, "Put me out and Gulu in", gin does it. He is thrilled with joy.

He tells gin to take him home, gin does that too. As they are in the hall, Saraswaty Devi enters, gin sees her and hides behind the pillar. When Rajesh sees Saraswaty Devi, and Saraswaty Devi sees Rajesh, Rajesh also hides himself behind the pillar. The lady shouts for the servant who comes on the spot immediately, she tells him I had locked Rajesh in the shop and how he is here. In the meantime, Rajesh requests gin to take him back to the shop and gin does it. Servant says Rajesh dreams in the night but you started dreaming during the day. They searched the whole hall and find nothing. She insists he was here.

They both reach the shop to verify and they find Rajesh inside cleaning the eurios and Gulu complaining to his sister that, just now I was in. The servant says, neither you were in nor as per your sister's version Rajesh was at home.

Gin has his own culture 2000 B.C. and Rajesh has his own 2000 A.D. and let us see on the screen what more things happen to them while they come across the secret agent, his stooges, a patriotic scientist and his daughter Nalini.

[From the official press booklet]