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Naag Mere Saathi (1973)

  • GenreFantasy
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time132 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-73526-MUM
  • Certificate Date22/9/1973
  • Shooting LocationBasant Studios

India has achived its glorious position of prestige in the world since last so many centuries due to its culture, hospitality and its impartial policy to fight unto the last for the sake of Satya, Nyaya and Dharma.

We Indians are staunch devotees of Gods and Goddesses and we worship them with full faith and trust. Naag Devta is also worshipped in the same way by us. Every year on the auspicious day of Naag Panchami we worship Naag-Devta and get our wishes fulfilled.

In spite of power and wealth, Maharani Laxmi of Vijaygad was unhappy because she had no children. She was a staunch devotee of Naag-Devta. She used to worship Naag Devta with the earnest desire that the day would come when Naag-Devta would surely fulfill her wishes.

One day, disappointed and nervous, Rani decided either to get her desire fulfilled or to sacrifice her life before Naag Devta. Naag Devta could not bear the painful prayer of her devotee and ultimately she blessed Rani, sacrificing her own Naag-Putra (son) with a warning that she should not disclose this to anybody; otherwise her son will come back to Naag Lok.

Naag-Kanya, the lover of Naag-Putra, could not bear the separation of her lover. She complained about this to Naag-Devta who advised her to forget Naag-Putra which she could not. One the contrary, she decided to get Naag-Putra, her lover, back.

Twenty-five years passed. Once young Prince Vikram, the son of Rani Laxmi while passing through a jungle saved princes Madhumala of Udaygard from the clutches of Vaital. From that very moment both were attracted to each other.

Disappointed, Vaital went to his Guru Kapalik and requested him to make him immortal. Kapalik fulfilled his desire.

Maharaja Udaysingh (father of Madhumala) having heard of the heroic deed of Vikram decided to offer in marriage Madhumala to him. He made this offer to Maharaja Vijaysingh (father of Vikram) which was gladly accepted.

Once Vaital, the lover of the beautiful princess Madhumala, succeeded in bringing Madhumala to his palace with the help of the magic power of his Guru Kapalik. He tried to molest her, but she escaped. Vaital followed her. While passing through the Ashram one Yogi gave shelter to Madhumala and cursed him to the effect that her son would one day kill him.

Naag-Kanya, the unsuccessful lover of Naag-Putra, took the help of Kapalik to fulfill her desire to get back Vikram to Naglok.

On the marriage day of Madhumala and Vikram, Kapalik came there in the disguise of a Yogi and he created such a scene that Rani Laxmi was forced to disclose that Vikram was the son of Naag-Devta. On this disclosure Vikram turned to a Naag which was a great shock ot all.

What happened afterwards?

● Did Madhumala marry Vikram, the Naag?

● Did Madhumala get success to turn Naag, her husband, into a human being?

● Did Naag Kanya fulfill her desire to get her lover back?

● Did the curse of the Yogi take any form?

Your curiosity and the answers to all these questions will be best answered by seeing our mammoth musical, star-studded picture Naag Mere Saathi full of tricks, adventures, entertainment and wonderful actions of 1001 Naags (Snakes).

(From the official press booklet)