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Kasam Dhande Ki (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

This story is about those people who don't want work - Satto, whose main aim is to fool people, but he always takes oath of 'KASAM DHANDE KI'. His mother is also worried by his acts. She being not his real mother, but keeps Satto as his own son, Robert who is no more alive. Satto got caught by Balan Dada from whose party he took money. From the fear of Balan Dada he came across Bhola Shankar who came to city with his sister in search of a job. Balan Dada's men became nasty with Bhola Shanker's sister. Who gave a good beating to them. Satto got an idea & brought Bhola & his sister to his house with the promise of a job. Satto presented Bhola as a Dada in the market where Bhola gave a good beating to Balan's men who were taking Hafta from shop keepers.
Almi loved Satto loved Shalubut Shalu loved Bhola Shankar. At a later stage Bhola came to know about the misdeeds of Satto. He gave him a good thrashing to Satto in the market & made him work as a labourer. Satto as labourer did not like the idea of working. He approached Balan Dada & sold Bhola's sister for price. Mother got angry with Satto. At the Dargah of Maqudoom Shah Baba Satto realised his mistake & sacrificed his life to save all from the clutches of Balan Dada.

(From the official press booklets)