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Khatron Ke Khiladi (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of one man's single handed crusade against criminals. He formed his own court and named it as "TEESARI ADALAT". 
Balwant (Dharmendra) and his brother Jaswant (Shiv Krishna) are working as truck drivers in B.R. Transport Company owned by Balbir (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) an his brother Jaswant (Paresh Rawal). Transport company is only a decoy but actually they are smuggling gold in their truck. Jaswant comes to know about their smuggling activities. He refuses to co-operate with the bosses and he is killed. Balwant is charged for murdering his own brother by a corrupt police office, Inspector Amarnath (Sharat Saxena) in connivance with the villains. Thus he is separated from his full time pregnant wife Sumati (Anjana Mamtaz).
Sumati gives birth to two boys. Circumstances force her to give one of his sons to Ram Avtar (Shafi Inamdar) and his wife Laxmi (Sushma Ahuja). Thus Rajesh (Sanjay Dutt) lives with his mother Sumati and Mahesh (Chunkey Pandey) grows up in the affectionate atmosphere of his foster parents.
Balwant grows very rich but continues to annihilate the criminal who escape from the clutches of law by money power, political connections and guide. Rajesh falls in love with Kavita (Madhuri Dixit) and Mahesh tames Sunita (Neelam) daughter of Dr. Prakash (Ram Mohan) a friend of Balwant.
At a later stage Rajesh and Mahesh come to know that they are real brothers. Both Rajesh and Mahesh decide to catch "Teesari Adalat" and hand him over to the law, not knowing that he is their own father.
Balwant also comes to know that the villains who are responsible for his miseries are alive.
What happens to the decisions of Rajesh and Mahesh?
How do the villains plan to destroy the threat of Balwant?
How these questions are answered in most dramatic and emotional way, you have to see "KHATRON KE KHILADI".

(From the offcial press booklets)